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Friendly's One-IoT™ Partnership Program enables device manufacturers and software providers to connect to Friendly's One-IoT™ cloud, test their compatibility with Friendly's One-IoT™ Management Platform, and grow their business.

Friendly's One-IoT™ Management Platform enables remote management of all types of IoT devices, including constrained devices via standard protocols, such as LwM2M, OMA-DM, MQTT, TR-069, TR-369 USP and other protocols.

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Join Our Partnership Program
to Unlock Its Benefits

  • Connect with Friendly's global customers and vendors

  • Identify new opportunities and accelerate business growth

  • Generate use cases and present them to your customers

  • Get listed on Friendly's Online Partner Directory

  • Connect and test your devices and sensors on Friendly's One-IoT™ platform

  • Be featured in Friendly's Demo products

  • Try Friendly's LwM2M embedded client

  • Special partner incentives and promos

About Friendly's One-IoT™
Management Platform

Friendly's One-IoT™ Device Management enables remote
management of all types of IoT devices for any IoT vertical
  • Energy & Utilities

  • Agriculture

  • Manufacturing

  • Smart City

  • Fleet Management

  • Smart Vending

  • Automotive

  • Healthcare

  • Asset Tracking

Friendly One-IoT™ Device
Management Benefits

  • Carrier-Grade Solution

    Manage tens of millions of devices on one platform while efficiently using computing resources

  • Solve the Puzzle of Multiple Device Types

    Simplify deployment and management of different device types and protocols

  • Save Deployment Costs

    Avoid the need for extensive professional services required to make devices IoT manageable

  • Control of All Device Types

    Connect and manage constrained devices and devices with complex data models

  • Cloud-Independent Solution

    Enjoy the flexibility of deployment options

  • Full IoT Cycle

    Manage and entire lifecycle of IoT Devices

  • Central Device Registry

    Mix and manage data, devices and external systems-all on a single, open standards platform

  • One Platform – Multiple Protocols

    LwM2M, MQTT, OMA-DM, CoAP, TR-369 USP, TR-069 and others

  • Integration with app generators

    SCEF server, data analytics solutions, various IoT clouds

  • Avoid Lock-In

    Use the cloud of your choice

  • White-Label Solution

    Deploy your own instance

  • Integration with Azure IoT Cloud

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